The international scientific-analytical journal “Business and Legislation” has been published since 2004. It systematically provides readers with articles prepared by professionals on all fields of business, marketing, management, tax, customs, accounting, auditing and economic profiling, as well as on a wide range of legislation.

“Business and Legislation” has been peer-reviewed and refereed since 2008. It is recognized and cooperates with all higher education institutions of Georgia, has relations with many foreign universities and international organizations.

The review of the material to be published is carried out in accordance with the ethical norms established for review and in accordance with the best practices of publication.

Since 2014, the magazine has been published entirely in electronic format. It is located in the digital library of the National Library of the Parliament of Georgia in “Iverieli”, has been assigned an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN), a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and is indexed in the International Search Database.

Online ISSN: 2960-9801

Print ISSN: 1987-604


Periodicity: published twice a year – until the beginning of July and the end of December. Maybe there will be an additional special issue.